Data Protection and Information Security

What we can offer

  • Team with legal and technological expertise
  • Experience in implementing, auditing, and monitoring data protection and information security management systems
  • Face-to-face contact with the customer in the various phases of implementation
  • Data protection training and awareness

                                 Areas of operation:

        • Banking
        • Insurance
        • Industry
        • Government
        • Health
        • Legal
        • Small and Medium Companies
        • Oil & Gas

Our services:

  • Consulting
    • Implementation of Privacy Policies
    • Implementation of Procedures, Good Practice Manuals, Internal Regulations
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments
    • Incident Management
  • Audit
  • Training
  • Data Protection Officer

How we do it:

1- Evaluation and Diagnosis
2- Implementation of operational measures to comply with the RGPD
3- Data Protection Impact Assessments and Implementation of Technical Measures
4- Audit and monitoring

Data Protection Officer – DPO (as a service)

  • DPO Services included:
    • Support in Implementing Privacy Policie;
    • Information and advice to the organization’s management;
    • Support in the relationship with subcontractors regarding RGPD obligations and associated laws;
    • Information and internal awareness to workers, and chain of subcontractors involved in the processing of personal data;
    • Monitoring compliance with RGPD and national laws, in accordance with the policies defined by the controller;
    • Audit and monitoring of implemented data protection management systems;
    • Support for the decision to request prior consultation with the supervisory authorities;
    • Issuing opinions and data protection impact assessments (DIA);
    • Periodic face-to-face visits to verify the compliance of implemented measures;
    • Support in response to incidents of personal data breach within 72 hours;
    • Support in responding to requests from data owners regarding the exercise of their legal rights;
    • Internal Training;
    • Support in response to personal data breach incidents;
    • Cooperation with the supervisory authority, response to requests for clarification by the local National Data Protection Commission;
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